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Tall, handsome Abdul Karim was just 24 years old when he arrived in England to wait at table during Queen Victoria�s Golden Jubilee celebrations. Formerly an assistant clerk at Agra Central Jail, he suddenly found himself a personal attendant to the Empress of India. Within a year, he was established as a powerful figure at court, becoming her teacher, or �Munshi�. Devastated by the death of John Brown, her Scottish ghillie, Victoria had at last found his replacement, but her intense and controversial relationship with Abdul Karim led to a near-revolt in the royal household. Paperback.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR AUGUST 2015. A fascinating study of a royal figure largely ignored by most English-language royal authors. Sabrina Pollock not only examines the life of this complicated woman but also provides an insight into the last decades of the Portuguese monarchy, overthrown in 1910. Maria Pia had a temper, but was not a scold. She was as extravagant as she was charitable. She was intimidating, but emotionally fragile. The list goes on. Unlike most women of her era and station, Maria Pia was a hands-on mother. Her love and devotion to her children are among her most admirable traits, matched only by her love and devotion to her adopted country. Handsomely illustrated and well-researched, 'Maria Pia, Queen of Portugal' is one of the most intriguing royal stories published recently. Hardback.
As advertised in our March 2014 issue. Enjoy substantial savings when you purchase these hardback books as a set.
Robert Golden has previously published three albums with pictures and accompanying stories pertaining to Queen Victoria�s extended family: Relatively Royal, The Golden Book of Royalty and Definitely Royal. In this fourth volume, with close to 300 illustrations, he focuses on one of the branches, the Connaughts. Added to the album is a detailed illustrated genealogy of the ancestors and descendants of the Connaughts, compiled by royal genealogist Ted Rosvall. Hardback.
After the release of the biographical documentary 'Pavlos: No Ordinary King' comes a limited-edition historical album. The story of King Pavlos is told in English and Greek over 256 pages with more than 190 photographs, news clippings and documents, categorised chronologically. Softback. The documentary DVD, in Greek with English subtitles, contains new interviews and previously unpublished photographs and videos. Running time: 2 hours 28 minutes. DVD Region 0.
This 116-page souvenir edition to mark the forthcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also includes royal nuptials since Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840. Contains hundreds of pictures, including remarkable material from The Illustrated London News archive. A donation of 60 pence for every copy sold will be donated to The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust. Softback.
A collection of never-before-seen photographs from the family albums and glowing tributes to mark His Majesty�s 80th birthday. Hardback.
by David McIntosh. Few people realise that the Italian province of Tuscany was at one time an independent grand duchy, ruled over by the Tuscan branch of the Habsburg dynasty. Grand Duke Leopold II was its last proper ruler and the ancestor of all the people who appear in this book, which is illustrated by rare and beautiful images from private and official collections. Hardback.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR MAY 2017. This highly illustrated, detailed account of Harry and Meghan's relationship celebrates the announcement of their wedding and tells the story of a thoroughly modern royal romance. The book charts their very different individual lives from childhood to shared global stardom, revealing how the couple first met on an unlikely blind date and then secured their love for one another while camping in the wilds of Botswana. Based on first-hand anecdotes of the couple's life together, 'Harry and Meghan: An Invitation to the Royal Wedding' traces the fairytale-like romance between the UK's fifth-in-line to the throne and the star of television's 'Suits' up to the day of their engagement in November 2017. It also explores their plans for this highly anticipated royal wedding. Hardback.
Ingrid Seward reveals how the royal family lead their lives and how they like to entertain in the great royal palaces and castles, as well as in their private homes. This classically-printed 204-page publication has over 200 images and with a limited print run is sure to become a collector�s item. Hardback.
A CHEETAH'S TALE by Princess Michael of Kent  
This charming autobiographical tale from Princess Michael of Kent tells of a girl growing up and the incredible bond that can exist between people and animals. Beautifully written by a natural storyteller and packed with fabulous photographs, it is also a wonderful portrait of Africa - the cheetah version of 'Born Free' � and will delight readers worldwide. In the early 1960s, Marie Christine von Reibnitz lived with her father on his farm in Mozambique. Then just a teenager, the future Princess Michael was entranced by the African landscape, by the wildlife and by the people she met. It was one of the happiest times of her life and she recounts that it was an orphaned cheetah cub (called Tess) who played a huge part in making it so. The relationship between the young Princess Michael and Tess, whom she hand-reared and later successfully released into the wild having trained her to hunt and survive on her own, will touch every reader's heart. Hardback.
A unique biography-in-pictures of HM Queen Elizabeth II, published to coincide with the celebrations of the Queen�s 90th birthday in April 2016. With beautiful images from childhood to the present day, this souvenir guide documents the Queen�s life decade by decade. Capturing Her Majesty in public and in private, it showcases her role as daughter, sister, wife and mother, as well as head of state. Softback.
How does the machinery of government respond when a King steps out of line? The relationship between Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson created a constitutional crisis that has fascinated the public for decades. Unwilling to accept the idea of the twice-married American as future Queen of England, the government was determined to pressure the King into giving up Mrs Simpson and, when that failed, into giving up his crown. The King�s phone lines were tapped by his own government, dubious police reports poisoned Mrs Simpson�s reputation, and threats to sabotage her divorce were deployed to edge the King towards abdication. The hopeless attempts of the King�s allies, particularly Winston Churchill, to keep him on the throne were dismissed as sinister conspiracy, whilst the King wrecked his own chances with wildly unrealistic goals and ill-thought-out schemes that served only to frame him as erratic and unreliable as a monarch. As each side was overwhelmed by desperation and distrust, Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin fought to steer events to a smooth conclusion. In this fascinating behind-the-scenes account of the royal abdication crisis of 1936, Adrian Phillips reveals the previously untold story of the hidden political machinations and insidious battles in Westminster and Whitehall that settled the fate of the King and Mrs Simpson. Softback.
This is very much a human interest story, told with humour � and the help of royal biographer Coryne Hall � by Princess Olga Romanoff, youngest child of the late Prince Andrei Alexandrovich of Russia, a nephew of Tsar Nicholas II. Hardback.
When thinking of the Queen, our first image is one of dignity and authority. She is the very definition of majesty: monarch, Supreme Governor of the Church of England and Head of the Commonwealth. But as anyone who knows her will tell you, in person she has a wicked sense of humour. Revealing a side of the Queen�s personality that the public rarely sees, this joyous little book is a timely celebration of royal humour as Elizabeth II nears her 90th birthday. Hardback.
'Royal Tours 1786-2010' is a penetrating look at the tours of 11 members of the royal family who were or would be monarchs, viceroys and commanders-in-chief of Canada. Softback.
JUBILEE 2012: CELEBRATIONS & TOURS half price special offer  
The third book in the 'Majesty' series. 'Jubilee 2012: Celebrations & Tours', which has contributions from Lynne Bell, Joe Little, Richard Palmer, Ingrid Seward and Camilla Tominey, relives the incredible nine months in which the Queen and members of the royal family marked the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty's accession with a series of visits and engagements all over the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. This lavishly-illustrated 204-page hardback publication will make the perfect souvenir or gift.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR SEPTEMBER 2017. 'What the Queen Said to Me�' is a collection of anecdotal stories by people who have met and spoken to Her Majesty. The stories provide a small glimpse of the Queen�s personality as told through the conversations and detailed back story that led up to that pinnacle moment when the Queen was all theirs for that small moment in time. From walkabouts to investitures, civil servants to sirs, royal outfitters to radio DJs, artists to head teachers, the book has stories from many different royal occasions. Hardback.
The Queen's choice of outfit, and that of every modern royal in the public eye, is governed by an intricate set of 'rules' and numerous practical requirements that would defeat most women. Yet as the authors of this fascinating history reveal, 'dressing for the job is a challenge that some royal individuals have developed to a high art'. Historic Royal Palaces' senior dress curator Deirdre Murphy and former curator Cassie Davies-Strodder have picked seven prominent royal women who understood the intricacies of royal dressing, and with the help of brilliant designers and talented stylists, developed a unique style. Each elegant modern royal receives her own, lusciously-illustrated chapter: Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, the Queen, Princess Margaret, Diana, Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Cambridge, a young royal whose style influence is now so powerful that she only has to be photographed briefly in an off-the-peg dress for it to sell out across the country in seconds. Paperback: 120 pages; over 140 illustrations. Published by Historic Royal Palaces.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR JULY 2013. Following the royal wedding, the Diamond Jubilee and the imminent birth of Kate and William's first baby, popular sentiment towards the royal family has rarely been higher. At the centre of this surge in affection is a woman who has captured the heart of a nation and who, at the side of her husband, Prince William, is ushering in a new dawn for the United Kingdom's reigning family. For, due to planned amendments to the rules of accession to the British Crown, their first child, regardless of gender, will succeed William to the throne. Marcia Moody explores the life of the woman who has done so much to revitalise the public image of the royal family, covering her early years, her family, her time at St Andrews University and her meeting with Prince William, their early relationship and its trials, the wedding and her new official role, her style, and, of course, her pregnancy. Besides being the perfect book for admirers of this remarkable young woman, 'Kate: A Biography' marks a crucial moment in the history of the royal line. Hardback.
As the wife of King George II, Caroline of Ansbach became queen of England in 1727. Known for her intelligence and strong character, Queen Caroline wielded considerable political power until her death in 1737. She was enthusiastic and energetic in her cultural patronage, engaging in projects that touched on the arts, architecture, gardens, literature, science and natural philosophy. This meticulously researched volume by Dr Joanna Marschner will survey Caroline's significant contributions to the arts and culture and the ways in which she used her patronage to strengthen the royal family's connections between the recently installed House of Hanover and English society. She established an extensive library at St. James' Palace, and her renowned salons attracted many of the great thinkers of the day; Voltaire wrote of her, "I must say that despite all her titles and crowns, this princess was born to encourage the arts and the well-being of mankind". Hardback.
In 1871, after three victorious wars against several European nations, King William I of Prussia was proclaimed German Emperor at a grand ceremony in Versailles. By 1900, the empire rivalled Britain as the most powerful nation in Europe in economic and military terms, if not the world. However, by the end of the First World War, the defeated Second Reich had fallen, and with it the ruling Hohenzollern dynasty, with its once-mighty figurehead, William II, an exile in Holland forbidden to enter his old country again. While his and his descendants� chances of restoration to the throne were always slight, throughout the unsettled years of the Weimar republic, the Hitler era and the Second World War, a few members of the family and their most ardent supporters never entirely gave up hope. In 'The End of the German Monarchy: The Decline and Fall of the Hohenzollerns' John Van der Kiste examines the rise and fall of the monarchy, the personalities of the emperors and empresses, their relationships with Prince Bismarck and the imperial chancellors who followed him, and later the republican and Nazi leaders on whom their dreams of a second coming later depended. Harback.
WALLIS IN LOVE by Andrew Morton  
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR APRIL 2018. Sunday Times bestselling author Andrew Morton reveals new information and sources that totally transform our perception of Wallis Simpson. 'Wallis in Love' brings a fascinating new perspective on the 20th century�s most controversial royal scandal. Andrew Morton�s impeccable research and unerring skill for riveting storytelling combine to present a strong case for a new and startling reveal: that the woman who rocked the world with her uncompromising passion for the Prince of Wales may have fooled everyone by keeping the object of her true passion hidden away� From her relatively lowly beginnings in America � where young Wallis and her mother were dependent on her domineering and powerful Uncle Sol, to her rise through the social ranks and her determination to one day beat men at their own game � to the ultimate conquest of the Prince of Wales. Morton paints a vivid and multi-faceted picture of a compelling, ambitious and often hard-hearted woman, who may have won the jewel in the British crown but very possibly at the expense of her true happiness. 'Wallis in Love' reveals the men Wallis truly loved, the men who broke her heart � and the hearts she broke in turn. In this vivid, fresh and frankly amazing portrait of the Duchess of Windsor, Morton draws on interviews, secret letters, diaries and never before seen or heard primary sources. From the day she was born in a ramshackle cottage in the hills to revealing what really happened the night her husband died, Morton paints a fresh and enticing portrait of the Duchess of Windsor. Hardback.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR AUGUST 2016. This complete inventory of every item of the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London captures the magnificence of a collection of symbolic objects steeped in history that is still in use today. Their story is that of the English monarchy itself � from the 12th-century spoon used for the anointing at the coronation to the platinum crown created for Queen Elizabeth, later the Queen Mother, in 1937, set with the Koh-i-n�r diamond. Published in association with the Royal Collection and Historic Royal Palaces, the book features specially commissioned photography, including detailed shots, allowing individual pieces, the famous gems and carefully selected groups of objects to be viewed as never before. Softback.
FEBRUARY 2009 BOOK OF THE MONTH. The first instalment of the highly anticipated biography of Henry VIII, written by one of the UK's most popular, established and exciting historians. Published to coincide with the 500th anniversary of Henry's accession to the throne, 'Henry: Virtuous Prince' is a radical re-evaluation of the monarchy's most enduring icon. Henry VIII was Britain's most powerful monarch, yet he was not born to rule. Thrust into the limelight after the sudden death of his elder brother, Prince Arthur, Henry ascended the throne in 1509, marking the beginning of a reign that altered the course of English history. In his youth Henry was highly intelligent, athletic and musically talented. He excelled in Latin and Mathematics and was an accomplished musician. On his accession to the throne, aged just 17, after the tumultuous rule of his father, he provided England with hope of a new beginning. Nobody could have foreseen how radical Henry's rule would prove to be. Often overshadowed by the bloody saga of his six marriages, his reign has left a lasting legacy. An absolute monarch, Henry�s quest for fame was as obsessive as any modern celebrity. His fierce battles against Papal authority mark one of the most dramatic and defining moments in the history of Britain. Yet his early life was insecure. The Tudor regime was viewed by many as rule by usurpers and the dark shadows of the Wars of the Roses often threatened to tear England apart once more. The culmination of a lifetime's research, David Starkey gives a radical and unforgettable portrait of the man behind the icon; the Renaissance Prince turned tyrant, who continues to tower over history. Hardback.
The Royal Collection is the last great collection formed by the European monarchies to have survived into the 21st century. Containing over a million artworks and objects, it covers all aspects of the fine and decorative arts, from paintings by Rembrandt and Michelangelo to grand sculpture, Faberg� eggs and some of the most exquisite furniture ever made. The Royal Collection also offers a revealing insight into the history of the British monarchy from William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II, recording the tastes and obsessions of kings and queens over the past 500 years. With unprecedented access to the royal residences of St James' Palace, Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, 'Art, Passion & Power' traces the history of this national institution from the Middle Ages to the present day, exploring how royalty used the arts to strengthen their position as rulers by divine right and celebrating treasures from the Crown Jewels to the "Abraham" tapestries in Hampton Court Palace. Author Michael Hall examines the monarchy's response to changing attitudes to the arts and sciences during the Enlightenment and celebrates the British monarchy's role in the democratisation of art in the modern world. Packed with glimpses of rarely seen artworks, 'Art, Passion & Power' is a visual treat for all art enthusiasts. Accompanying the BBC television series and a major exhibition at the Royal Academy, 'Art, Passion & Power' is the definitive statement on the British monarchy's treasures of the art world. Hardback.
"To the Queen... A Royal Drinkology" is 2012's most exciting, fun, celebratory and historical yet unconventional tribute to the year-long Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This souvenir is the perfect way to make your own party go with a bang. Hardback.
The first book to be dedicated to the British branch of Faberge, covering its fascinating history from its opening in 1903 to its closure in 1917. Royalty, aristocrats, American heiresses, exiled Russian grand dukes, randlords, maharajas, socialites and financiers with newly-made fortunes flocked to Faberg� in London to buy gifts for each other. The Imperial Russian Goldsmith's London branch was the only one outside of Russia and its jewelled and enamelled contents were as popular there as they were in St. Petersburg or Moscow. Using previously unreferenced sources and a newly-discovered archive of papers relating to Faberge in London, Kieran McCarthy studies the branch's structure, customers and exclusive stock. The book will be of interest to enthusiasts of the decorative arts, the social history of the Edwardian Golden Age and especially of European royalty. Faberge's works were and continue to be intimately associated with the British royal family. For Violet Trefusis, daughter of King Edward VII's mistress Mrs. Keppel and lover of Vita Sackville-West, a Faberge cigarette case was the emblem of royalty, as symbolical as the 'bookies' cigar', or the 'ostler's straw'. Kieran McCarthy is a director of Wartski, the London Court Jewellers who specialises in the work of Carl Faberge. He is on the advisory board of the Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg, is a freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths' and a fellow of the Gemmological Association. He has written and lectured extensively about Carl Faberge. He advises collectors and institutions on Faberge's work and recently revealed the rediscovery of one of the lost Imperial Faberg� Easter Eggs. Hardback, 240 pages.
On 9 September 2015 Her Majesty The Queen became the longest-reigning British monarch. This Royal Collection Trust official souvenir album is a record of seven decades of royal history and a celebration of a unique royal milestone. Hardback.
Their love story captured the hearts of the nation and now, following the first birthday of William and Kate�s son, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, interest in this thoroughly modern branch of the royal family has never been more fervent. 'The New Royal Family' by Robert Jobson chronicles William and Kate�s romance and follows William, Kate and George during their first year as a family, including their tour of New Zealand and Australia. Packed with fascinating anecdotes, sharp analysis � and exclusive photographs by Arthur Edwards � this brilliant book reveals charming and intimate details about William, Kate and George and provides an intriguing and comprehensive insight into what the future holds for the royal family. Softback.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR JULY 2017. What does it mean to eat like a queen? Elizabeth gorged on sugar, Mary on chocolate and Anne was known as 'Brandy Nan'. Victoria ate all of this and more. 'The Greedy Queen' celebrates Victoria's appetite, both for food and, indeed, for life. Born in May 1819, Victoria came 'as plump as a partridge'. In her early years she lived on milk and bread under the 'Kensington System'; in her old age she suffered constant indigestion yet continued to over-eat. From intimate breakfasts with the King of France, to romping at tea-parties with her children, and from state balls to her last sip of milk, her life is examined through what she ate, when and with whom. In the royal household, Victoria was surrounded by ladies-in-waiting, secretaries, dressers and coachmen, but below stairs there was another category of servant: her cooks. More fundamental and yet completely hidden, they are now uncovered in their working environment for the first time. Voracious and adventurous in her tastes, Queen Victoria was head of state during a revolution in how we ate - from the highest tables to the most humble. Bursting with original research, 'The Greedy Queen' considers Britain's most iconic monarch from a new perspective, telling the story of British food along the way. Hardback.
For centuries, the stories of the world's great jewellery collections have lain hidden within the archives of Christie's, the celebrated auctioneers. From the tragic European queens, Mary, Queen of Scots and Marie Antoinette - both beheaded - to Hollywood royalty such as Elizabeth Taylor, the vaults sparkle with the most celebrated (and occasionally notorious) names of the last 250 years. Following on from the success of his books on �Boucheron: The Secret Archives�, �Van Cleef & Arpels: Treasures and Legends� and �Mellerio: Jewellers to the Queens of Europe�, author Vincent Meylan explores these remarkable jewellery archives, revealing the mysteries within for the first time. Each sale had its intrigue, each its story to tell. The first auction of jewellery from the British royal family took place at Christie's in 1773, after the death of the Princess of Wales, mother of George III. As the archives reveal, in the subsequent centuries, Christie's has been party to the sale of jewellery by several further generations of British royals, from Lady Patricia Ramsay and the Countess of Southesk through to Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. And, in the wake of revolution and regicide further afield, the crown jewels of France, Russia, Bavaria, Serbia, Egypt, India and Spain were all sold at Christie's. Aside from Elizabeth Taylor, the legendary movie star collections of Merle Oberon and Gloria Swanson are also revealed here, as well as the most famous pearls and diamonds in the world; each explored within the context of their owners' remarkable lives. Expertly curating the extensive archives, Vincent Meylan has drawn out the key details of each momentous sale. Original documents from the vaults are reproduced in the book, alongside hundreds of colour illustrations of the jewels and their owners. Contents: Introduction by Fran�ois Curiel, Chairman of Christie's Asia-Pacific; 1. Guillotine Diamonds; 2. Murdered Queens; 3. Pomp and Circumstances; 4. Empresses in Exile; 5. The French Court; 6. From Christie's with Love; 7. Soft as a Pearl; 8. Bloody Revolutions; 9. Ladies of the Stage; 10. Gems from the East; 11. Diamonds are Christie's Best Friends; 12. Appendix: Prestigious Provenances. HARDBACK, 360 PAGES.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR JULY 2016. As the glittering Hanoverian court gives birth to the British Georgian era, a golden age of royalty dawns in Europe. Houses rise and fall, births, marriages and scandals change the course of history and in France revolution stalks the land. Peep behind the shutters of the opulent court of the doomed Bourbons, the absolutist powerhouse of Romanov Russia and the epoch-defining family whose kings gave their name to the era, the House of Hanover. Behind the pomp and ceremony were men and women born into worlds of immense privilege, yet beneath the powdered wigs and robes of state were real people living lives of romance, intrigue and eccentricity. At the Georgian court, even a king could take nothing for granted. Hardback.
Enjoy a substantial discount if you purchase these titles as a pair.
Enjoy a substantial discount if you purchase these titles as a pair.
ROYALLY SUITED: HARRY & MEGHAN IN THEIR OWN WORDS not available for despatch before 3 April  
'Royally Suited' reveals the true story behind Prince Harry and Meghan Markle�s romance through a selection of quotations from the couple. Beginning with Prince Harry�s childhood, royal correspondent Phil Dampier has dug deep into the lovers� pasts to reveal their shared mischievous sense of humour and how both grew up with divorced parents. Prince Harry tells of the effect of his parents� divorce and the devastating loss of his mother, and Meghan Markle talks of the racial difficulties she faced growing up as the daughter of a Caucasian father and African American mother. The book also reveals the story of how they fell in love; from a blind date to the abuse Meghan received which led to Prince Harry publically defending her. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have won the nation�s hearts and the much-anticipated announcement of their engagement on 27 November 2017 caused a cheer in the Twitter-sphere. This comprehensive collection of quotes by the couple themselves gives a real insight into this modern day fairytale. Softback.
Born in Casel, Germany, Prince Andreas grew up in the United States, where he lived until 1965. He then returned to Germany to do military service and begin his preparation to take over the family business. He has lived in Coburg for decades and is one of the picturesque town's most respected citizens. Prince Andreas holds his family's long and illustrious history close to his heart. Hardbook.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR NOVEMBER 2017. H�l�ne was a strong-willed princess, raised in France but closely connected with the court of Queen Victoria. After the premature end to a romance with the monarch�s grandson, she married into the royal family of Italy. However, escaping from an unhappy marriage and the boredom of court life, H�l�ne began extended trips into Africa, where she became a big game hunter, explorer and travel writer. Travels took her around the world, but her sense of royal duty brought her back to nurse aboard a hospital ship in Libyan waters, then to an important role as head of the Italian Red Cross nurses during the First World War while her husband headed Italy�s Third Army. One son served in the Artillery while the other was in the Navy. Afterwards, her strong Italian nationalism made her an ally to Gabriele d�Annunzio and Benito Mussolini, but the disastrous Second World War saw her grandchildren interned in Austria and her older son die as a British prisoner of war while she continued her charitable work in Naples. When the country voted to become a republic in 1946, H�l�ne was the only member of the royal family allowed to remain in Italy with her second �secret� husband. Hardback.
It is the love story that captivated the entire nation and now, after eight years together, William and Kate will marry on 29 April 2011. This is the true insider account of Prince William's love affair with Catherine Middleton, from their initial meeting at university in Scotland to planning married life in North Wales while he pursues his RAF career. He is the confident young Prince who is the future of the royal family. She is the future Queen Consort who is throughly modern and has confounded all the stereotypes of how a royal partner should be. Hardback.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR SEPTEMBER 2013. If Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, �Eddy� to his family and friends, had lived to become king, Britain might have had a Roman Catholic queen. He certainly hoped it would. Biographers have dismissed Eddy�s love for Princess H�l�ne of Orl�ans as a thing of no consequence, the passing whim of an ineffectual prince who did the monarchy a favour by dying. But the recent discovery of a cache of original documents relating to their romance casts a new light on the affair, showing just how much the relationship meant to the couple themselves, and the lengths to which their families went in searching for a settlement that would allow them to marry. Ultimately, the religious obstacles proved too great, to the lasting sorrow of all concerned. Echoes of the affair lingered for many years, as this collection shows, though Eddy did not long survive the end of his hopes. He lived long enough to contract a �suitable� engagement to a childhood friend before dying of influenza in the winter of 1891-1892, and his reputation almost died with him. So little evidence was known until now of the man he was � the man H�l�ne and those close to him knew � that later generations created their own myth to fill the blanks. But newly-discovered material in this book includes the letters Eddy sent to H�l�ne, which open a window into the character of a much maligned prince, and suggest that his whole biography may need to be rewritten. Hardback.
ELIZABETH: THE QUEEN AT 90 reduced prices  
Our 204-page tribute to a much-loved monarch as she celebrates her milestone birthday. Royal commentators Caroline Aston, Caroline Davies, Anne de Courcy, Lucinda Gosling, Coryne Hall, Brian Hoey, Joe Little, Ian Lloyd, James Parsons and Ingrid Seward examine various aspects of Her Majesty's life and reign, both public and private. Hardback, with almost 300 illustrations.
David McIntosh and Arturo Beeche chart the history of the Bourbons of the Two Sicilies from the Middle Ages to the present day. The authors look at how members of this royal family rebuilt their lives in exile, all the while making matrimonial alliances with most of the Catholic dynasties of Europe. Hardback.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR NOVEMBER 2014. Dickie Arbiter was a Press Secretary at Buckingham Palace for 12 years. Previously Court Correspondent for IRN, Dickie was a poacher turned gamekeeper before moving to work at the Palace in 1988. At the forefront of royal engagements Dickie was privileged to work alongside the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince and Princess of Wales as well as some of the minor royals. His career spanned some of the most turbulent times for the monarchy, the divorce of the future King and the death of Diana, to name just two. His fascinating memoir conveys what life was like behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace and his personal and witty anecdotes bring detail to events and warmth to the royals that has never been documented before. Hardback.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR AUGUST 2017. On 31 August 1997, the world was stunned by the tragic death of the most popular and photographed woman of the modern age: Diana, Princess of Wales. The outpouring of public grief at this tragically early death was unprecedented in modern times. Now, 20 years on, 'Diana: The People's Princess' celebrates both her life and her legacy. A dignified and unexploitative celebration of Diana's life, 'Diana: The People's Princess' commemorates this remarkable woman's life from her childhood to her tragic premature death at the age of 36. With authoritative text and a vast array of photographs, this updated edition includes new material on the aftermath of her death, including her legacy as a mother - Princes William and Harry and their involvement in perpetuating and protecting her memory - and the continuing work of the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. 'Diana: The People's Princess' is a respectful, sensitive and poignant tribute to this elegant, charming and sympathetic symbol of our times. Foreword by Sir Trevor McDonald. Hardback.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR MAY 2013. Throughout history, there has been no monarch like her. She is not merely the oldest sovereign this country has ever known, she is the most worldly. She has travelled further than all her predecessors put together. She has met more historic figures than anyone alive - from Churchill to Mandela, de Gaulle, Reagan and Obama. And today, Queen Elizabeth II is no more contemplating retirement than she was when she came to the throne in 1952. She sits at the head of a hereditary institution so often associated with rigid tradition. And yet, it is more dynamic now than ever. Having inherited a quasi-Edwardian institution nearly 60 years ago, the Queen presides over a monarchy which has managed to remain, simultaneously, popular, regal, inclusive and relevant in a 21st-century world. She has done this so effectively that she is, beyond doubt, the most respected and popular figure in British public life. As she reaches a defining moment of her reign - her Diamond Jubilee - Robert Hardman explores the secrets of the Queen's success to produce a fascinating new portrait of a sovereign who has witnessed more change than any since the creation of Great Britain. Paperback.
Written by ITN Royal Correspondent Tim Ewart, this beautifully illustrated book looks at the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II as she marks her Diamond Jubilee, only the second British monarch to reach this anniversary. Unique in containing some 15 replica documents, many of which are from the Royal Archives, this fascinating book looks at how the Queen's reign has seen some of the most remarkable events in the history of the 20th and 21st centuries, while also maintaining traditions that link the United Kingdom of today with a history that stretches back more than a thousand years. From royal tours to state visits, and from day-to-day engagements to notable family events and grand occasions. Padded cover, presented in a slipcase.
A CENTURY OF ROYAL CHILDREN half price offer  
Ingrid Seward not only celebrates the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's firstborn but also looks back at the childhoods of four royal generations. Hardback.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR JANUARY 2018. A captivating exploration of the role in which Queen Victoria exerted most international power and influence: her role as matchmaking grandmother. In the late 19th century, Queen Victoria had over 30 surviving grandchildren. To maintain and increase power in Europe, she hoped to manoeuvre them into dynastic marriages. In her sights was royalty from across the world. Yet for all their seeming obedience, her grandchildren often had plans of their own, plans fuelled by strong wills and romantic hearts. Her matchmaking plans were only further complicated by their coinciding with tumultuous international upheavals; revolution and war were in the air and after her death, her most carefully laid plans fell to ruin. 'Queen Victoria's Matchmaking' travels through the most glittering, decadent palaces of Russia and Europe, weaving in scandals, political machinations and family tensions to enthralling effect. It is at once an intimate portrait of the royal family and an examination of the conflict caused by the power, love and duty that shaped the marriages that Queen Victoria arranged. At the heart of it all is Victoria herself: doting grandmother one moment, determined manipulator the next. Hardback.
BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR JUNE 2017. Written by the Royal Chef, Mark Flanagan, and Royal Pastry Chef, Kathryn Cuthbertson, this latest Royal Collection Trust cookbook celebrates the quintessentially English tradition of taking afternoon tea. From simple cardamom and orange shortbread to the show-stopping 'G�teau Op�ra' topped with gold leaf, the 40 mouth-watering sweet and savoury recipes are illustrated with specially commissioned photography at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. 'Royal Teas: Seasonal recipes from Buckingham Palace' opens with 'Her Majesty's Recipe for Drop Scones', sent by Queen Elizabeth II to President Dwight D. Eisenhower of the United States in response to his request for the recipe. The recipes are then arranged by season, highlighting the royal kitchen's emphasis on the use of UK-sourced seasonal produce, from summer berry tartlets to spring-harvested broad beans in the salmon and tarragon quiche and autumnal wild mushrooms in vol-au-vents. 'Royal Teas' includes recipes served to the Royal Family's guests at official functions, such as the clementine macarons and chocolate and almond biscotti. Palace recipes for classic favourites at the Queen's garden parties include carrot cake and Victoria sponge, named in honour of Queen Victoria, who established royal garden parties in the 1860s. The recipes are introduced with a chapter on the history of afternoon tea, the concept of which is credited to Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford, Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Victoria. In aristocratic circles of the 19th-century dinner was served late, so afternoon tea was the perfect way to fill the gap between the traditional light lunch and the evening meal. Hardback.
Ingrid Seward's latest book not only celebrates the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's firstborn but also looks back at the childhoods of four royal generations. ORDER NOW AND GET KENT GAVIN'S 'MY ROYAL APPOINTMENTS' FOR HALF SHOWN PRICE. Hardback.
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